EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Neither I nor DiveRecorder is a legal entity engaging in economic activity so the GDPR does not apply. However, you may wish to know what 'personal' data is held in the various DiveRecorder databases, how it can be 'corrected' and with whom it may be shared.

What data is collected and held?

In general DiveRecorder uses and stores only the minimum personal data required for the proper conduct of diving competitions. The details are as follows.

Correction of errors

Divers: Errors can be avoided or corrected at several points.

Officials: In the unlikely event that officials wish to see their data and request corrections, the easiest way is to email me using the link on the right.

With whom is your data shared?

The email address of a person submitting a dive sheet is passed to the Meet Secretariat. Otherwise the data is only available to others in the form of Result listings which include a diver's name, team and year of birth.

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