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Click on the appropriate download icon below to download its installation file. When asked whether you wish to Run or Save the download file you may choose either. If you save the file you must then run it to install the application. Note that unless you are given specific instructions to the contrary, you may safely install a new version over a previous one and none of your previous data will be lost.


Some translations are incomplete or being updated at present. If you are interested in upating when a particular language is added or updated, you can check the status.

Known Bugs

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False Malware Detections

Windows Defender has been raising false detections of a Trojan in some of my installers.

What should you do if you experience this? First, please let me know in case it is news to me so that I can investigate and challenge the detection. If you trust me(!) and are desperate enough, you can usually tell your AV system to make an exception for the installer so that you can contine with the installation (NOT recommended). Otherwise you should wait until the next update of your AV's malware signatures, then try again.


28 February 2019
This application is all you need to run any event provided you do not require a scoreboard.

DiveRecorder Utilities

28 February 2019
This is a collection of supporting applications designed to provide scoreboards, live web results, etc.

MTE Test Utility

XBee Config

28 February 2019

These applications are provided to help test and configure the Swiss Timing wireless judging keypads (MTEs) and the XBee Pro modem.


28 February 2019
This application has been designed to help clubs or coaches submit bulk dive sheets over the Internet.

JPad Utility

28 February 2019
This application is designed to help test and configure John Allan's wireless judging keypads (JPads).




28 February 2019
You only need one of these scoreboard interfaces if you have such a display.

Windows Beta versions


Android apps for DiveRecorder

Find out more here.

3rd Party iOS apps for DiveRecorder


Windows XP

DiveRecorder is not supported on XP although it seems to run OK.

But in the near future the installer will refuse run on XP so if you are still using Windows XP you will soon be unable to update.