Amsterdam Diving Cup 2019

Amsterdam Diving Cup 2019 Timetable
Thursday 18 april 2019
08.30hr A-Girls 1m Prelims
10.15hr B-Boys 3m Prelims
11.25hr Men 3m Prelims
12.15hr Women 1m Prelims
14.00hr Opening Ceremony
14.30hr A-Girls 1m Finals
15.00hr B-Boys 3m Finals
15.40hr Women 1m Finals
16.15hr Men 3m Finals
17.05hr B/A Boys and Men 3m Synchro
Friday 19 april 2019
09.00hr A-Boys 1m Prelims
10.30hr B-Girls 3m Prelims
12.10hr Men 1m Prelims
13.05hr Women 3m Prelims
14.35hr A-Boys 1m Finals
15.05hr B-Girls 3m Finals
15.40hr Women 3m Finals
16.10hr Men 1m Finals
17.15hr B/A Girls and Women 3m Synchro
Saturday 20 april 2019
09.00hr B-Girls 1m Prelims
10.35hr A-Girls 3m Prelims
12.20hr B+A Boys Platform Prelims
14.55hr B-Girls 1m Finals
15.20hr A-Girls 3m Finals
16.00hr B+A Boys Platform Finals
16.35hr Men Platform
17.15hr Mixed 3m Synchro
Sunday 21 april 2019
09.00hr B-Boys 1m Prelims
10.15hr A-Boys 3m Prelims
11.35hr B+A Girls Platform Prelims
14.15hr B-Boys 1m Finals
14.30hr A-Boys 3m Finals
15.10hr B+A Girls Platform Finals
15.55hr Women Platform
16.20hr Ceremony ADC-Cup 2019


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